Hello, and welcome to my portal! On this page, you will find links to my projects on the internet (both new and old) and a contact form you can use to send me email if you wish to contact me or just send feedback. Enjoy!

Active Projects

PHP Kit Library Collection

The Kit Library Collection project provides several small PHP libraries that intend to create easily reusable and high quality code with strict standards for automated code quality tools.

Github Repositories

Over at Github, you can find all the source for my open source projects that I wish to share. Some of the projects are more higher quality than others, but if you're looking for something I've made, it's there.

Inactive Projects

Cookie Clicker Optimizer

The Optimizer is tool that helps you play the online clicking game "Cookie Clicker" more efficiently. Unfortunately the site has fallen out of date with the current developments of the game, so it's not all that useful anymore. Still, you can also find a neat clicking speed test on the website that has gained quite a popularity over the internet.

Sudoku Solver & Generator

The Sudoku Solver & Generator is a simple site I created ages ago, that allows you to solve sudoku puzzles and also create new ones, if you're bored. While it only implements some of the simpler logics used to solve sudokus, it can still resort to guessing allowing it to solve any kind of puzzles. It also supports sudokus with non standard sectors.

Regular Expression Tool

The regexp tool provides a platform for testing regular expressions and doing some small tasks with them. It originates from long ago, when the web didn't really have any good regular expression tool available anywhere, so I happened to create my own. It's still very functional and useful, even though it does not offer the same fancy features you might find in some other regular expressions tool on the web.

Contact Form

Use the contact form below to contact me, if you have something to ask or simply wish to send feedback. While the email field is not required, I highly recommend providing it in case you wish me to contact you back