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At, we try to minimize the collection of personal data and usage of cookies. However, due to limitations of our service provider and third party services, some collection of personal data and usage of cookies is unavoidable. Where possible, however, we try to minimize the collection and limit the usage of such data as much as possible and only collect what is required based on legitimate interests in order to provide the services on this web site.

Collection of Personal Data

As part of your visit on this website, some personal data is collected by our service provider OVH Hosting. This personal data includes:

This personal data is used to generate aggregated reports, detect problems and to combat possible abuse of the provided services. This data is not shared with other parties beyond what is necessary for the purpose of law enforcement.

Additionally, this website takes advantage of Matomo analytics, Google Analytics and Google Adsense. These services may collection additional personal data from your visits, but we strive to minimize such collection via anonymization and limiting ads to non personalized versions whenever possible. You may additionally object to this data collection by indicating it below.

Usage of Cookies

This web page uses session cookies to provide services that have been requested by the visitor. In general, these cookies are only stored to the browser when necessary and only for limited durations. These are used strictly for the purpose of providing services requested by the user and are not used to track visits.

Additionally, our service provider OVH Hosting uses cookies (such as "mediaplan" and "mediaplanBAK") for the purpose of network load balancing. These are necessary for the hosting provider to ensure the stability of services and are not used for the purpose of track visitors.

Finally, our usage of Google Adsense may cause additional cookies to be set. For visitors from European Economic Area, we strive to limit the usage of these cookies to only non personalised ad services which, accoding to Google, only use cookies for the purpose of frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse.

Involved Third Parties

We try to limit the availability of data to third parties, but in order to provide some services, some involvement of third parties is required:

If you so desire, you may limit the collection of personal data and usage of cookies to only what is strictly necessary to provide you the services you have requested from this website.

By objecting, the following services will not be loaded on further page visits and will thus limit the collection of data and usage of cookies to minimum:

Contact Details

For any questions or requests related to privacy or personal data, you may contact the email address listed below. Please note that any email that does not concern these topics will be discarded and will not be replied.

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