Hi and welcome to this page! This page mostly serves as a generic portal to various other stuff I have created on the web in addition to listing other stuff that I have done over the years. Hope you find what you are looking for!

My Projects

Below are some of my bigger things that I'm currently doing.

PHP and Me

PHP and Me is a blog that details my thoughts about various PHP related subjects. My intention is to educate PHP using programmers about how to properly approach some issues and what kind of things you should be thinking about, when writing PHP applications.

Riimu @ Github

At Github, you can simply find all different kinds of open source projects I've worked on. If you're looking for something that I've created, Github is probably the place to start.

About Me

With this being the Internet and all, I'm not all too willing to share too much information about me. But, I'll let you on on the fact that I was born in the late 80s somewhere in a little nation called Finland. To this day, I still reside there, as I prefer the atmosphere of this country.

Ever since I've been little, I've been very interested in technology so computers and game consoles were something I grew up with. Having a burning desire to create things myself and share them with others, it was no surprise that when I started learning HTML around 2001, there was no turning back.

Later on I specialized in PHP, as I was enthralled by it's portability and how easy it was to develop things. To this day, it's something I keep learning more and more about every year. Whenever I look back at something I created only few years ago, it looks like the stuff of nightmares. Still, it's fun and something I've learned enough to do it professionally as well.

I feel that one my strengths in programming is the fact that I highly value doing this in the proper manner. Hoping something "just works" has never been enough for me, as I've always needed to understand how things work and why they have been made that way. Working with strict specifications is something I thrive in.

While computers are very close to my heart, I also feel strongly about some human rights issues. I've been known to do LGBTIQ activism when I have the time and energy. Sadly, I usually don't mix well with politics, so I simply tend to help those around me.

Contact Me

If you happen to find yourself in need of contacting me, the easiest way is to simply use the contact form below. If you want some kind of answer from me, make sure you leave a proper email address.

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